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We aim to ensure that every client remains independent in the comfort of their own home or assisted living facility, while providing peace and rest to the family members that are entrusting their loved one into the care of our professional staff.


Your Ellie caregiver is uniquely matched to your loved one, resulting in a truly special relationship that goes beyond traditional home care.

"Ellie" anticipates needs just as a close friend or family member would.

What is it that makes care special for your loved one - whatever it is, we will care as Ellie did, about the little details that bring the greatest joy to your loved one.



Ellie Home Caring was named in honor of Founder, Christopher Deister's, mother, Eleanor "Ellie" Deister.

Ellie faithfully provided compassionate care to her husband as his Alzheimer's progressed.

Inspired by Ellie's loving commitment, we continue her legacy by sending out "Ellies" that understand what's important to you. "Care as special as your loved one".




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Home Care

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Caring for an aging loved one and managing the demands of your own life can be stressful and tiring. Let Ellie Home Caring meet the daily care needs so that you’re free to enjoy quality time with your loved one!


“Ellie” brings a deeper level of attentiveness and understanding to the home caring relationship.


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Providing "Care as special as your loved one"!

Step 3:

Get Matched!

Now that we have all of the information needed to provide excellent care, we can match you with your very own "Ellie" to make your Home Care experience one of a kind!

There are many types of care available, and you want to make sure that Home Care is a good fit for your loved one.

Step 1:

Determine the Need

Step 2:

Schedule An Assessment

Ellie Home Caring assessments are free, one-on-one, consultations performed by our professional development coordinator and take place in the comfort of your own home.


Assessments help us develop a unique, in depth care plan that is tailored to your

loved one.

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